Do PRU Medical provide accredited courses?

Currently the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) states the following:

“Since 1 October 2013 HSE no longer approves first-aid training and qualifications or first-aid training organisations. This means that businesses have more flexibility in how they manage their provision of first aid in the workplace.This means that it is the employer’s duty to ensure that any training provider that they select for the purposes of first-aid training is competent to deliver that training.

As experienced, registered Paramedics, who are also experienced as University Lecturers teaching Paramedic Science, who also have experience in writing courses to Higher Education standard and working in the Hazardous Area Response Team, PRU Medical absolutely exceed this standard.

It’s the quality of education which is important in Health and Safety. First aid shouldn’t be thought of as a tick box exercise.

Historically, companies have chosen first aid providers because they get an accredited certificate at the end of it. The quote from the HSE at the top of this blog shows this is not needed.

What are the drawbacks to an accredited course?

To get a course accredited, a first aid provider would contact an awarding body. The awarding body would write and provide all the course materials (lesson plans, PowerPoints, handouts, evaluation forms – everything!) The first aid provider would need to send in the CV’s of their staff and sign a contract to ensure they would deliver the provided course. The first aid provider at this point typically only needs to show evidence that their instructors are basic first aid providers, with a minimal level teaching qualification.

So, what are the drawbacks with accredited courses?

  1. The staff teaching only need to be basic first aiders.
  2. The staff teaching only need a minimum level teaching qualification.
  3. The course is generic as it is written for the masses.

Therefore, we are proud to say that our courses are not accredited by generic awarding bodies. We exceed the standards set by the HSE and provide tailor made courses which truly educate your staff.

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